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Improve the look and performance of your building with our elevator modernization consulting in Wisconsin and Illinois. Upgrading your elevator to meet today's standards will serve to increase the reliability, safety, and aesthetics of the equipment that your building and tenants rely on every day. Don't let shutdowns, poor performance, or obsolescence get in the way of optimizing your building's potential.  High-rise to low-rise, complete replacement to limited upgrades, whatever your building type or scope of work, PEC can provide start-to-finish consulting for your modernization project.

Every PEC modernization project begins with a thorough audit of your current equipment to determine what can be retained and what must be replaced.  Based on your budget, we then design solutions optimizing available technology and your project's objectives and schedule. By improving your building's performance and value, our elevator modernization consulting will help maximize your return on investment.

Modernization Services Include:

  • Project Survey

    • Survey all existing components of the elevator equipment to determine what can be retained and what needs refurbishing or replacing, and determine required safety code upgrades.

  • Determine Best Fit

    • Provide modernization or upgrade recommendations that will best serve the goals and needs of the building and tenants.

  • Cost Analysis

    • Develop cost and schedule estimates for your project.

  • Develop Specification

    • Prepare detailed specification including bid forms, invitation schedules and preventive maintenance contract to keep your newly modernized elevator equipment in excellent condition.

  • Work By Related Trades

    • There is a lot of supportive work that will need to be coordinated with your elevator installation. ​We will provide you with the outlined work by other trades (electrical/HVAC/plumbing/etc.) required to complete your installation.

  • Bidding and Review

    • We'll gather competitive bids from pre-qualified contractors and help you evaluate which is the best fit for your project. We'll also review all submitted materials and shop drawings and identify any needed changes. 

  • Project Management

    • Job site visits during the installation will help to make sure there are no surprises at inspection and turn over. ​Our progress reports will track for on-time completion and identify needed corrections. 

  • Progress Payments

    • Are you paying for services and material that weren't provided? We perform on-site verification to approve all billing and progress payments.

  • Final Evaluation

    • Before final payment is made, we perform a thorough quality assessment and inspection to confirm all punchlist completions. Our performance based evaluations examine items beyond the elevator code to make sure that every aspect of the job is first-class.

For more information about our services for elevator modernization consulting in Wisconsin, call our team today. 

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