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At Performance Elevator Consulting, we provide professional due diligence services and elevator consulting  in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, Performance Elevator Consulting is the preferred choice to ensure a successfully completed consulting project. Our number one priority is our customers’ satisfaction and your patrons’ safety. Our comprehensive assessment will leave you with peace of mind. 


Elevators and escalators are one of the most valuable assets in today’s buildings.  But, just like that iceberg, beyond the elevator cab, virtually all of the equipment is hidden away from view in the elevator hoistway or machine room.  PEC takes a systematic and detailed approach to evaluate every component of the elevator equipment. Our reports include a detailed analysis of the equipment, condition, and expected longevity of the technology and components. Furthermore, we provide our insight on maintenance tips for keeping your equipment functioning at full capacity to reduce future shutdowns. 


Any recommendations for modernization or modification will include cost and scheduling estimates to keep you fully informed of your potential investment.

Due Diligence Services Include:

  • Contract Assessment

    • We thoroughly review the terms and conditions of your maintenance contract to determine compliance and improvement opportunities.  

  • Evaluation

    • We provide an on-site audit of all your elevator equipment to determine its condition, longevity, and any items that may require immediate attention. 

  • Due Diligence Report

    • Here, we provide a report of findings, including equipment condition, maintenance assessment, and any needed repairs. 

For more information about our professional due diligence services and elevator consulting in Wisconsin and northern Illinois, contact the Performance Elevator Consulting team today. We are happy to assist. 

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