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At Performance Elevator Consulting, we provide professional elevator audits in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. 

Professional elevator maintenance is essential to ensure the safety, longevity and performance of your elevator equipment. Your elevators and escalators must operate smoothly and reliably to provide your tenants with the confidence and satisfaction they demand.

Is your elevator maintenance agreement adequate to meet the demands of your equipment and building traffic? PEC provides preventive maintenance audits that include evaluating both the equipment and the contract.  Our goal is to help building owners and managers understand their equipment's maintenance needs and to determine if that equipment is being properly maintained.

The primary defendant in most elevator and escalator accident litigation is the building owner.  It is absolutely essential that building owners and managers are aware of their equipment condition and if their elevator maintenance company is providing the maintenance spelled out in their maintenance agreement. 

Maintenance Services Include:

  • Evaluation Survey

    • PEC will perform a thorough assessment of your elevator equipment to determine its condition, safety, code compliance, maintenance history and performance.

  • Baseline Report

    • PEC will provide a detailed report for each elevator maintenance audit, including all required corrective action items in an easy to understand format.

  • Determining Responsible Parties

    • PEC will review your current maintenance contract to determine what corrective action items should be covered by your maintenance provider and what items are the responsibility of the building owner. PEC will also identify provisions within the maintenance agreement that are unfavorable to the building owner and provide recommendations to improve your existing agreement. 

  • Contract Negotiation

    • When the time comes to collect competitive bids to maintain your elevators, PEC will assist in evaluating the offered maintenance agreements with a recommendation for the company that can best serve your needs. PEC will also assist by negotiating the terms of that contract to ensure that it truly benefits the owner.

  • Complete Portfolio Management

    • PEC can also provide comprehensive maintenance management for your elevator portfolio. This service includes a periodic review of all invoices, time tickets and service logs.  PEC will determine and identify any invoiced items that should be covered under the terms of the maintenance contract or billing that deviates from agreed upon rates.  PEC will conduct periodic elevator audits on your equipment and draft progress reports covering the ongoing maintenance performance to ensure consistent adherence to your elevator maintenance agreement. 

For more information about our elevator audits in Wisconsin, be sure to contact us today. 

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