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When you’re ready to install a new elevator, you want to receive professional elevator consulting services in Wisconsin and Illinois with Performance Elevator Consulting.


Exceptional installations don't just happen. They require careful planning and excellent guidance from conception to completion. Consulting with PEC throughout the design and implementation phases of your project is the best way to ensure that your installation will be the successful and fully realized creation that you want it to be.

Our thorough research of the latest industry technology, energy efficient designs and government regulations will allow you to move forward with the confidence of well-crafted design goals that will see your building rise to the top. 


Elevator Consulting Services for New Installs Include: 

  • Vertical Transportation Requirements​

    • Does your building need an elevator? ​We'll provide you the answers you need based on the elevator safety codes and accessibility requirements applicable to your building.

  • Traffic Study Analysis

    • Based on your building design and perceived tenant demographics, we'll help you determine the right conveyance types for your upcoming projects.  ​

  • Budgeting, Costs and Schedule

    • We provide design reports to assist in the financial planning ​​and scheduling for your conveyance installations.

  • Design and Planning Review

    • Step by step project planning with the architect and building owner ​to ensure a smooth process - start to finish. 

  • Detailed Specifications

    • Every project is unique and we make sure you get the product that is right for you. We provide detailed specifications uniquely crafted to your building's needs and future maintenance services. ​

  • Work By Related Trades

    • There is a lot of supportive work that will need to be coordinated with your elevator installation. ​We will provide you with the outlined work by other trades (electrical/HVAC/plumbing/etc.) required to complete your installation.

  • Bidding and Review

    • We'll gather competitive bids from pre-qualified contractors and help you evaluate which is the best fit for your project. We'll also review all submitted materials and shop drawings and identify any needed changes. 

  • Project Management

    • Job site visits during the installation will help to make sure there are no surprises at inspection and turn over. ​Our progress reports will track for on-time completion and identify needed corrections. 

  • Progress Payments

    • Are you paying for services and material that weren't provided? We perform on-site verification to approve all billing and progress payments.

  • Final Evaluation

    • Before final payment is made, we perform a thorough quality assessment and inspection to confirm all punchlist completions. Our performance based evaluations examine items beyond the elevator code to make sure that every aspect of the job is first-class. 


To learn more about our new installation elevator consulting services in Wisconsin, contact our team today. 

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