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Performance Elevator Consulting provides top-of-the-line elevator maintenance contract consulting in Wisconsin and northern Illinois.  


A well written maintenance contract will ensure that your elevators and escalators are receiving the preventive service tasks, repairs and thorough maintenance that they need to operate at peak performance. PEC will develop and oversee your maintenance contract agreements, tailoring each one to the unique needs of the building and occupants. 

Our knowledge and familiarity with anticipated operational issues, new and existing technology, and regional and industry-wide standards and practices will identify and establish the specific contract terms necessary to obtain the levels of equipment availability and performance that you desire and your tenants demand. 


Elevator Maintenance Contract Consulting Services Include: 

  • Site and Equipment Evaluation​

    • What are the unique needs of your building and elevator equipment? We'll perform a thorough assessment of the building traffic, equipment demands and condition in order to determine the maintenance needs of your equipment. 

  • Maintenance Agreement ​

    • ​We'll design a finely detailed maintenance agreement that clearly indicates the expectations of the owner and the maintenance and service requirements of the elevator company. Our carefully crafted maintenance agreements will take out the costly 'wiggle room' and 'gray areas' that so often cause financial headaches for building owners.  

  • Financial Review​

    • We will review all of the invoices, time tickets and proposals submitted by your elevator service company to ensure compliance with the terms and rates of your maintenance agreement. 

  • Maintenance Management

    • After the maintenance agreement is signed, we'll make sure it isn't slipped into a folder and forgotten about. We will perform periodic audits of your elevator equipment to ensure that the specified maintenance is being provided at the required frequencies. .

  • Progress Meetings

    • ​Scheduled in-person meetings will bring together all parties ​involved in making sure your elevators run smoothly. Consistent and clear communication about ongoing concerns and upcoming events will ensure a smooth ride to optimal elevator performance.

To learn more about our elevator maintenance contract consulting in Wisconsin, call our team today. 

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